Terms & Conditions

This agreement of Terms of Service (hence forth called as Agreement) is entered between you or the organization you represent (“You”) and CSS PROVIDERS SAL and its Authorized Partners(“We”). This Agreement governs the Terms of Service provided under the brand name PRAXIS ERPinCloud (hereafter referred as “Services”) offered by CSS PROVIDERS SAL at the website www.praxis-cloud.com. By using PRAXIS ERPinCloud services, you are explicitly agreeing to the Terms of Service mentioned in this Agreement below.

PRAXIS ERPinCloud name and PRAXIS ERP in Cloud logo are trademark property of CSS PROVIDERS SAL. You agree to use this Trademark only after receiving explicit written permission from CSS PROVIDERS SAL.

Description of Services
CSS PROVIDERS SAL offers a variety of Cloud ERP Services. These Services may be accessed online using an Internet browser supported by these Services. The Services include the following modules: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management (HRM), Accounting, Sales, Customer Support, Point of Sales (POS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Procurement, Accruals and Manufacturing copyrighted to CSS PROVIDERS SAL. CSS PROVIDERS SAL reserves the right to add or remove service modules in the future. Effective not fewer than thirty (30) days following delivery of notice, CSS PROVIDERS SAL may modify components of any Service if such change is generally applicable to all customers. In the event of such a modification, you may terminate the applicable contract without termination charge if CSS PROVIDERS SAL fails to remedy a material decrease in the functionality of the affected service within thirty days of written notice from customer.

Acceptance of the Terms
You must be of legal age in order to accept the Terms of this agreement. You may accept the Terms by clicking on a button indicating your acceptance of the terms. Further, you are explicitly agreeing to the terms of this Agreement once you start using the Services.

User Accounts

For accessing the services offered at www.praxis-cloud.com, you need to sign up and create a user account. During the user sign up process, you agree to provide accurate information about yourself and your organization as well as a valid email address. We will be using your email address to verify your account and establish your identity, and provide you your logon information. Each user will own a user account to use the services at www.praxis-cloud.com. Each account will be allocated 1 GB of disk space that can be used for to upload documents, images and other account related content. If you need to use more than 1 GB space, please contact our support at support@css-providers.com.

Fees and Payments
CSS PROVIDERS SAL will charge you for the actual services checked and agreed upon in the stated contract. The pricing details of the Services are also published on our website at www.praxis-cloud.com. Once you sign this eligible contract, you agree to pay by credit card, or cash and to submit valid payment details and Credit Card information, in addition to committing to the chosen payment plan to CSS PROVIDERS SAL. Your billing cycle starts on the contract signing date for our Services. Your credit card will automatically be charged as per your payment plan. Upon your request, we may give you a free of charge evaluation period to try and evaluate our services for a period that can never exceed one month. For any queries on fees and payments, please contact our billing service at info@praxis-cloud.com or on 01-251 008

You can always send an email to support@css-providers.com. Our reply expected time is within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Schedule Maintenance
The services available at app.praxis-cloud.com will not be available between 12 AM & 1 AM (Beirut, Lebanon Time) on every Sunday for scheduled maintenance.

Refund Policy
All sales are final. If you choose to cancel our services at any time, you will not be refunded the amount corresponding to the remaining period of your billing cycle.

Acceptable Use
You agree to use the Services in a fair manner for your personal or professional use. You shall not transfer our Services to another user or third party. You shall not resell our Services to other users without prior written permission from CSS PROVIDERS SAL. You shall not provide additional services on top of our Services without prior written permission from CSS PROVIDERS SAL.

Spamming and Illegal Activities
You agree not to violate intellectual property rights of another user on www.praxis-cloud.com website. You shall not upload or create any material that is illegal, abusive, obscene, racist, or harmful in any way. CSS PROVIDERS SAL reserves the right to terminate your account and access to our services if we believe that you are using our Services for any illegal activities.

Personal Information and Privacy
Please refer to our Privacy Policy on how we handle your personal information that you declare at www.praxis-cloud.com. Your user account and access credentials are private information that belongs to you. You are responsible for keeping this information private and confidential. We are not liable for any harm of monetary damage arising from leakage, theft or accidental loss of your account access information.

We will dedicate concerned people for scheduled intensive training sessions.
Upon purchase of a module, you will earn 1 free online training session (equals to 2 hours).
Additional training sessions (whether online, in-house or external) will be charged accordingly.

Account Related Communication
CSS PROVIDERS SAL will send you regular communications about your account status and the services that you are using or might be interested to use. This communication will be typically delivered to the email address associated with your Praxis ERP account. All administrative and account related communications are compulsory and you shall not opt-out of such communications.

Upon contract signing, you agree not to violate any copyrights in any form including plagiarism. In case of violation of copyright, CSS PROVIDERS SAL reserves the right to terminate the user account and access to Services, and to hold you liable to any damages caused to others.

Beta Program
CSS PROVIDERS SAL may offer certain services under a Beta Program for market trials and customer evaluation purposes. For such Beta Programs, we have the sole authority to decide the nature and period of the Beta Programs. We reserve the right to convert the service under a Beta Program to a regular commercial service. If we decide not to convert the Beta program service into a regular commercial service, then you agree that we are not liable for any harm or monetary damage arising from discontinuing that service.

Data Handling
During the course of using our Services, you may create, upload or edit content on our platform. This content will be considered as data owned by you. While you are the owner of this data, CSS PROVIDERS SAL shall have the right to transmit, store, retrieve, archive or backup such data for efficiency and business continuity of our platform.

Data Migration
Upon request and agreement, we will be responsible of all data migration done by our team from the old system/software that was in use to Praxis ERP.

Database Records
Upon registration/subscription, you will earn 500,000 free transaction records within Praxis ERP screens. Once you exceed this limit, the software and its services will pause until you renew/upgrade your database records.

Disclaimer of Warranties
CSS Providers makes no warranty about the quality, performance or fitness of products/solutions, and is not liable for damages, due to misuse of the product, defects in product itself, hardware or systems, even if advised of such possibility. CSS Providers remains sole owner of Intellectual Property; licenses entitle users to use products for their own needs, and cannot be re-sold or transferred. Any disputes arising in connection with the usage of solutions shall be finally settled under the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration at the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules. By using Profiles products, the user implicitly declares having read the present disclaimer, accepting the said Arbitration Rules, and undertaking to abide by them.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless CSS PROVIDERS SAL, its officers, directors, and employees, from and against any losses and damages arising out of or relating to any claims that you have used the Services in violation of another party’s rights as per the terms in this Agreement.

Limitation of Liability
Once you sign this contract, you agree that CSS PROVIDERS SAL shall not be liable for any losses or damages related to loss of business profits, interruption of business, loss of information or any other type of direct or indirect losses arising from the use of our Services. Further CSS PROVIDERS SAL shall not be liable for any losses or damages arising from prolonged non-availability of our Services due to whatever reasons. In such cases, you may choose to cancel our services. In all such cases, our liability will be limited to the fees that you have paid towards our services.

All disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract agreement shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) by three arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules. The Substantive Law of arbitration shall be the laws of the Lebanon. The seat of arbitration shall be in Beirut and the language of arbitration shall be Arabic.

Suspension and Termination of Account/Contract
We may, without prior notice, suspend or terminate your account due to non-payment of your due fees. We may also suspend or terminate your account if we believe that you have violated the terms of this contract agreement related to Acceptable Use, Copyright, Spamming and Illegal Activities. We may suspend or terminate accounts that have been inactive for 6 months or more after a 30-days written notice sent to your email address. You will be eligible of exporting your database through MS Excel format within one year of your account subscription ending date. Shall you request your database to be exported in SQL format, you will be charged accordingly.

Modification of Terms of Service

We may modify the Terms from time to time. We will notify you of any such modifications to our terms of service. If you do not accept the modified terms of service, you may choose to discontinue our services with no termination charges. If you choose to continue using our services, then you are explicitly agreeing to our new, modified terms of service.